Credit Card tokenization and ACH direct debit coming soon

We are pleased to inform you that credit card tokenization has been implemented into our systems. Thanks to this technology, provided by the Stripe API, credit card storage is at the highest level of security. The new implementation is available for all existing customers via the new menu "payment methods" under "billing" menu on your beloved ... Read More »

12th Mar 2020
Real private registrations come true with

We are proud to announce our new true private registration project, targeted to privacy enthusiasts. Our brand new website (MyDA) delivers a "man in the middle" registration service, operated by our parent company. Domain names are formerly owned by Dynabat LLC on behalf of our customer.We care about your privacy so after ... Read More »

20th Sep 2017
End-Summer Deals!

We are pleased to announce our end-summer special offers. Register here to our website to receive the special coupon code: unlock your special deals!Available deals - Register to receive the special unlocking code: .cloud: 6.99 USD .club  2.99 USD .email 5.50 USD .info 4.80 USD .me 4.25 USD .pro 6.35 USD .shop 4.68 USD .today 4.99 ... Read More »

19th Sep 2017
Unlock your special offers

Apply now for our summer special offers!Please use our special coupon code Q487MYWNAN during August 2017  during checkout and receive a discounted price for the following TLDS: .PRO - 4.99$ / Year .CLOUD - 4.99$ / Year .XYZ - 4.99$ / Year .TODAY - 4.99$ / Year .EMAIL - 4.99$ / Year .WORK - 4.99$ / Year .AGENCY - 4.99$ / Year It is ... Read More »

9th Aug 2017
Google uses ccTLDs - Your server can be anywere

"Google: We Use ccTLD & Google Search Console Setting For Geotargeting"Back in the old days, Google used the location of the server and ccTLD to figure out if your site should be ranked in a specific localized version of Google. So if you had a .fr and your server was based in France, that was a strong signal you should rank more in Google ... Read More »

11th Jul 2017
Simplification of ASIA domain registrations as of July 15

The registration and administration of .asia domain names will be simplified on July 15: It is no longer necessary to provide a contact in the DotAsia Community (Asia Pacific region). Thus, the need of a trustee service solution will be considered obsolete. Background of these changes is the migration of the .asia registry system to the new ... Read More »

4th Jul 2017
New domain extensions available

We are pleased to offer you the following  TLDs as of now: .mk & (Macedonia) .fo (Faroe Islands) (Cyprus) (Gibraltar) (Malta) .id (Indonesia) (Indonesia) Please note: Even if the process comes using our web interface, the registration process is manual and might involve documents and is thus ... Read More »

20th Jun 2017
IO - SH - AC - Transition to Afilias registry system and significant changes

Afilias will be the new technical back-end provider for the Internet Computer Bureau (ICB Registry). The transition of the registry system for the ccTLDs .io, .sh and .ac to the Afilias registry system will be processed from June 10 (15:00 UTC) until June 11, 2017 (06:00 UTC). As a consequence, the domain life cycle of .io, .sh and .ac will be ... Read More »

19th May 2017
The FUN golive is here

The .fun TLD is a short and meaningful new domain extension, perfect for individuals and organizations focussing on entertainment or leisure sectors by creating a brand image that is young and vibrant. We are offering 1-year registrations at low rate. Domain renewals and transfers are excluded from this promotion.

17th May 2017
Simplification of ASIA domain registrations as of July 15

On July 15, 2017, the .asia registry system will be migrated to the new Afilias Shared Registry System. Moreover, the .asia Charter Eligibility Declaration Requirement Policies have been updated and will become effective on the same date. With this update, it is no longer necessary to provide a contact in the DotAsia Community (Asia Pacific ... Read More »

17th May 2017